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Waikato RiverCare Successfully Completes Autumn Planting

Waikato RiverCare staff and contractors have successfully completed programmed autumn infill planting at 5 Waikato River restoration projects.

A total of 6,230 plants were planted at the following Waikato RiverCare projects, Ngaruawahia esplanade reserve (town boat ramp), Taupiri A project (carpark opposite urupa), Taupiri B project (just north of the Taupiri urupa), Taupiri D (Huntly south) and the Huntly Golf Club.

Waikato RiverCare used last summer’s excellent weather to complete a comprehensive spray programme involving contractors Treescape (Waikato and central North Island). With the weeds suppressed at projects the next step was arranging native plants to completed infill planting.

Native plants were sourced from three Waikato nurseries helping to reduce freight costs and ensure the supplied plants would handle Waikato weather and soil conditions. Waikato RiverCare prefers to use native plants that are eco sourced (seed sourced from the Meremere ecological district) on restoration projects.

By early May soil moisture levels were starting to rise and drought conditions eased. Waterside planters Ltd were contracted by Waikato RiverCare to complete the task within restricted time frames.

Infill planting starting at the low lying Taupiri B project due to the risk of surface flooding and finished with plantings on the banks of the Ngaruawahia esplanade last week.

Infill planting is done by Waikato RiverCare with the long term aim of shading and preventing or slowing the reinvasion of weeds into restoration projects.

A big thanks to all those individuals, neighbours, agencies and companies that helped make the last two months so successful. For more information on Waikato RiverCare and restoration projects please visit our wed site.

Attached photo: Ed and Barney from Waterside Planters Ltd finish planting the last Totara tree at the Taupiri A project

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