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Hakarimata E Project: The Fence Goes Up

Barakat Contractors have recently completed 591 metres of fencing at Waikato RiverCare’s second Waikato River Authority funded restoration project, located only 2.8km north of Ngaruawahia Township off Hakarimata Road.

The restoration project covers a total length of 520 metres of Waikato River bank involving reserve lands administered by both the Waikato District Council and Department of Conservation.

One of the priorities for this project has been surveying and identifying the legal boundary of the reserves. Key to this work being completed has been co-funding support from both the Waikato District Council and Department of Conservation. The two parties have funds to secure the reserves from stock access and protect Waikato RiverCare’s and the Authority’s investment in this planting project.

Waikato RiverCare has received excellent support from the adjoining landowners for the project which started with clear goals and aims to exclude stock from accessing the river, address the significant weed issues found within the riparian zone before replanting the reserve in native plants.

Over the next 12 months Waikato RiverCare will engage the service of contractors to address a number of weed issues found at the Hakarimata E site. They include removing the hawthorn bushes for burning in winter and gun spraying black berry and climbing weeds found under the crack willow canopy.

Planting at this project is expected to start in September/October 2015.

Fencing Barakat at Hak E.jpg
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