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Signage looks smart along the river

During July Waikato RiverCare’s Operations Manager, Kevin Hutchinson, arranged for new signs to be erected at the Taupiri D and Hakarimata A extension projects, and an updated sign to be installed at the Taupiri boat ramp. The updated sign at the Taupiri boat ramp is positioned higher up the river bank than the previous sign, above most river flood levels, and is more prominent to road users.

Project signage at the Taupiri D site has been located on Waikato Regional Council lands and is positioned towards north bound traffic on extra-long posts to place the sign face above grazing stock. The sign’s location is framed by a back ground of growing riparian plantings and the Huntly power station. The third sign is located at the Hakarimata A extension project and is visible to all road users and looks great surrounded by the recent plantings. The clear signage informs the public about Waikato RiverCare’s restoration projects, as well as displaying the logos and acknowledging the support of the key sponsors whose suppor

t allows the projects to be undertakn.

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