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Funding confirmation gives green light to new planting sites

The recent confirmation of funding from the Waikato River Authority, with co-funding from Waikato Ecological Catchment Trust and Mighty River Power – Tainui Partnership, has resulted in action stations at Waikato RiverCare this month.

Two new sites, Te Onetea Stream project and Hakarimata ‘F’, located on the Wills family farm on Hakarimata Road, Ngaruawahia, will be planted in Spring 2016, using the newly allocated funding.

The Te Onetea Stream project is located only 1 km from the Rangiriri village just off State Highway One, on the true left bank of the Te Onetea Stream. The project area is located next to one of the Waikato’s busiest boat ramp/car parks and is an extremely popular site with both hunters and fisherman, providing not only bank fishing opportunities but boat access onto Lake Waikare. The project is a large one, with a significant amount of pre planting preparation required to address a number of key weed species found at this location. The project has excellent opportunities to add significant biodiversity values to the area.

The Hakarimata F project is accessed through the Will’s family farm on Hakarimata Road which is only 4km downstream from Ngaruawahia township on the true left bank of the Waikato River. This 440m long project is located next to Waikato RiverCare’s completed Hakarimata B project. Linking these two projects will create a 1000m corridor of vegetation which has benefits for birds, insects and fish while reducing weed abundance and distribution with the added benefit of improved river bank stability.

Kevin Hutchinson, Waikato RiverCare’s Operations Manager is already getting preparation underway on these sites and looking at efficiencies of plant ordering for next spring. “The WRA, WCEET and MRP/Tainui support for these projects will enable some really important riparian restoration and add to the biodiversity and amenity values of the Waikato awa”, Mr Hutchinson said. “The collaboration between Waikato RiverCare and other agencies, including DOC, the Waikato District Council and private landowners, has enabled these sites to be made available for restoration purposes; a great example of different organisations working together.”

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