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Arbor Day and World Environment Day

Arbor Day is a world-wide tradition celebrating the planting of trees to beautify, improve air quality, assist with reducing erosion and add to the biodiversity of regions around the globe. In New Zealand Arbor day is celebrated on June 5th and also coincides with World Environment Day, the United Nations’ platform for worldwide awareness and action for the environment.

In New Zealand as elsewhere, it’s a perfect time to ‘plant a tree’ (or trees!) in your own backyard, or as part of a local project. Every individual’s action adds to the collective power of positive environmental benefit - the UN’s appeal is that “Every Action Counts”.

It could be that Arbor day this year inspires you to start planning a restoration project either as an individual, on the farm, or as part of a wider group. If you have an interest in developing a riparian project on your property or at a site you participate in a recreation activity (eg whitebaiting, boating or hunting) do look around this website for helpful advice on turning that idea into action on the ground.

If you need some resources to start this process, Waikato RiverCare has published a booklet “Riparian Restoration Best Practice” and it’s available for download for free. Waikato RiverCare is also able to provide full project development and management services for restoration projects at competitive rates – contact us for more information.

Happy planting!

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