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Posts and wire = protection for our plants

Two new Waikato RiverCare projects have recently had fences constructed along project boundaries in preparation for weed control and planting.

A new 1150m long 4 wire electric fence and flood gate has been constructed by Barakat Contractors Ltd at the Taupiri Ki Weanganui project in May. Completion of this fence is a significant milestone for Waikato RiverCare which has successfully excluded all stock access from the Waikato River between Taupiri and Huntly on the true right bank.

Fence at Taupiri Ki Weanganui

At the Mangawara project bulls previously had unrestricted access into the stand of Kihikatea and Totora which was a popular spot for loafing stock to hide-out in on hot summer days. A new 4 wire fence was completed around the 1.35ha project by Waikato Regional Council contractors in April. Careful weed control within the stand is expected to take 12 months to minimise the risk to mature trees before planting in 2017 with the aim to create buffer zones and reduce the negative effects of wind on the stand.

Stock exclusion from a proposed planting site with the construction of a permanent fence is the first step to a successful planting project. Grazing damage caused by stock on new plantings is the leading cause of project failure and can be extremely demoralising and costly. Excluding stock from waterways has many other benefits including reductions in sediment volumes, phosphorus, nitrogen and faecal contamination.

Fence at Mangawara

Planting at the Taupiri Ki Weanganui project is expected to start in August this year with Waterside Planters Ltd planting the first 1.15ha of the 3.27ha project.

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