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WRA Funded Project Complete

Waikato RiverCare Incorporated has successfully completed its first Waikato River Authority funded project ahead of schedule and slightly under budget. The Hakarimata E project got underway in 2014 with new boundary fencing constructed to remove stock access to the river and planned project plantings.

Plants developing well at the Hakarimata E project, one year on.

This project provided Waikato RiverCare Inc. with a great opportunity to work closely with the Waikato District Council and Department of Conservation. Both organisations have reserve lands within the project scope and contributed financially towards boundary fencing.

The Waikato Regional Council also contributed to this project by providing pre-planting support for pest plant management within the project and assisting Waikato RiverCare Inc. with procurement of agrichemicals for the project weed management plan.

Weed control at the site was completed by local contractor Plant Talk Limited prior to planting in August 2015. Waikato RiverCare Inc. awarded project planting to mana whenua contractors, Waterside Planters Ltd, who did a great job planting the 7,266 mixture of native plants over four days. The tender for project plants was won by Kauri Park Nurseries who delivered the two truckloads of plants to the project boundary with the support of adjoining landowners.

Effective weed spraying in 2014.

To ensure planting success and prevent weed species establishing regular visits have been made to the project by contractors Plant Talk Ltd who have applied three rounds of agrichemical to the planting zone over the last eight months.

This month, another 710 native plants will be planted to replace a small number of plant losses experienced at the project. Some of the 710 plants are slower growing native species which will take time to mature but will greatly benefit the longevity and self-sustainability of the planting project.

Waikato RiverCare Inc. will continue site maintenance for another year to ensure the best chance of growth and the establishment of these plants. Management of the project will then be taken over by the Waikato District Council who will continue maintenance of the reserve planting. We look forward to watching this project develop as the plants grow and provide habitat for wildlife.

Waikato RiverCare Inc. would like to thank the Waikato River Authority for their excellent financial support of this project, our partners at the Waikato District Council and Department of Conservation, and the adjoining landowners that have assisted us throughout the development of this project.

The site is looking great and ready for the in-fill planting this month.

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