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Kirkwood Whānau Out Planting Again

After the success of last year’s planting, the Kirkwood Whānau once again showed their keen spirit by gathering at te awa for another day of planting. Having planted 150 natives easily in September last year, the team of around 20 decided they could do more and 495 natives were planted along the next section of the Waikato River in Ngaruawahia over the weekend.

Part of the awesome planting team.

Thank you to the Waikato Regional Council for funding the purchase of plants for this project. The Council also contributed to the preparation of the planting site, by funding two agrichemical applications to reduce the presence of weeds on-site during the last year.

With the planting of the project site completed, regular visits to the site will be made and more agrichemical applications will be completed as required during the next three years. Another small in-fill planting is planned for 2018 to replace any plants that may not survive the next couple of years.

Thanks so much to the Kirkwood Whānau for all the awesome work they have put into this project. It is so great to see the mana whenua continuing to lead by example as they restore their whenua along the Waikato River. I’m sure the Whānau are looking forward to seeing how the plants grow and develop over the next few years, just as we are!

The site before the team got stuck into it!

Hard at work, making a positive difference to te awa!

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