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Trout Contest Engages All Ages

Waikato RiverCare is excited to be once again supporting the Kilwell Lower Waikato Trout Fishing Contest this year. The contest, which takes place between Karapiro Dam and the Waikato Heads, began at 5am last Saturday 7th October and contestants have until 1pm Sunday 15th October to weigh in their prize winning trout. We are delighted to see contestants of all ages out enjoying the recreational benefits of our awa.

This fishing competition awards prizes to anglers for the “Heaviest Brown Trout”, “Heaviest Rainbow Trout”, and “Best Condition Trout” in different categories (junior, adult, women, and team). There are also plenty of fantastic spot prizes for entrants.

Waikato RiverCare are adding to the prize pool by providing native plants and apparel as prizes for competitors in an effort to encourage more riparian planting on the river. Anglers planting today will improve the future biodiversity and production of the river establishing lasting benefits for both sports fish and the native fishery. Thank you to Te Whangai Trust who supplied these excellent plants from their nurseries as part of their charitable social and environmental work.

All the best to all the contestants! With the extremely high river levels dropping just in time for the contest and the water temperature remaining ideal for brown trout it is great to hear of the high condition of the trout that have come in so far. For photos, videos and more information about the contest, visit the 2017 Lower Waikato River Trout Fishing Contest Facebook page HERE.

Dylan Farrar fishing with Dad Steven. Image supplied by Michael Lynch

Dylan Farrar fishing with Dad, Steven. Image supplied by Michael Lynch.

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