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Waiterimu Golf Club—It’s been one year!

In 2019, RiverCare had their annual planting event at Waiterimu Golf Club. This month, RiverCare's operations manager went and caught up with Ross Caird at the Waiterimu Golf Club to see how the plants are growing.

Even though the North Waikato experienced one of the worst droughts in history, the plantings have done remarkably well. A mild winter and recent warm weather have given their growth a boost.

Ross has been helping the planting along by keeping weeds under control with regular spraying and even got the tractor out during the hot summer months to water them—thanks for doing such a great job taking care of the plants Ross!

There have been some minor plant loses, however, with the assistance of Waikato River Authority funding and the Waiterimu Golf Club, any gaps will be in-filled with plants next June.


to everyone that participated on the planting day last year, the Waiterimu Golf Club, Kimihia School, our supports and project funders.

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