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2021 Planting Completed

We were lucky to have some great weather leading into winter which allowed Waikato RiverCare to start planting early this year—the beginning of June. Due to the lack of rain, the ground was a little harder than normal, requiring a bit more force on the spade when digging plant holes.

Everything was going to plan until we had the lockdown in August, which put a hold on planting our last couple of projects. We got there in the end, with RiverCare planting a total of 62,385 trees over 9 projects.

Plant Qty Project

11,000 Lake Waikare

18,000 Lake Whangape

6,000 Te Awamutu Waste Water Treatment Plant

5,100 Lake Areare

855 Huntly Waterworks

3,000 Gateway

730 Hakaramata G

12,800 Wai o te Atua Stream

4,900 Butler Farm Extension

We would like to thank all our supporters and funders for making this another successful year.

Watch our planting video.


On the 11th June, students from Kimihia School joined Waikato RiverCare at the Huntly Waterworks project site for our only community planting event in 2021—see them in action.

RiverCare’s operations manager provided a health and safety brief before students headed down to the planting area where they learnt about the plant types, where to plant them and how to plant them correctly.

The students were eager to get started and there was a lot of laughter, banter and fun during their time at the site. Some students even dug up a cat’s skull while others discovered native lizards (the copper skink).

Tamariki from the local daycare (Bizzy Bodz) also joined us to give planting a go.

A total of 855 plants were planted on the day: 250 by students, 605 by RiverCare’s contractor.

It was an enjoyable day out for the students, parents, teachers and the RiverCare team, with the common goal of helping to improve our waterways and environment.


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