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2021 Planting Starts at Lake Waikare

Our contractor, Native Awa, have started this season’s planting at our Lake Waikare project. By next week, the team will have 11,000 native plants in the ground.

This year we are planting a total of 62,020 plants across 8 sites:

  • Lake Waikare x 11,000

  • Lake Whangape x 18,000

  • Te Awamutu Waste Water Treatment Plant x 6,000

  • Wai o Te Atua Stream x 12,800

  • Lake Areare x 5,100

  • Huntly Water Works x 855

  • Gateway x 1,765

  • Butler Farm Extension x 6,500

All plants will be planted by Native Awa with the exception of 855, which will be planted by students from Kimihia School at the Huntly Water Works site in mid June.


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